About 60 km east of Shymkent, Aksu River has dug a series of canyons whose chaotic geology offers grandiose landscapes.


Aksu River starts its way on the heights of the mountains of Aksu Jabagly Nature Reserve, and ends in Arys River, about 100 km further. Meanwhile, the river crossed the plains of Tole Bi region in a succession of canyons, before reaching the steppes of Sayram district.

In canyons, the river is tumultuous and the water is limpid, which earned it its name of “Aksu” (Ақсу), “white water” in Kazakh language. In some areas, rockslides have created spectacular block fields, in others, erosion of banks has led to the creation of huge hoodoos.

Let preserve the natural beauty of these sites: during your visit, do not leave rubbish on the spot!


Photo: Gaëlle Bal
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