In Kazakhstan, many wild tulips grow everywhere during the spring. In April, in the south of the country, we can meet, among others, the endemic tulip borszczowii (Tulipa borszczowii Regel).


The wild tulip borszczowii grows in deserts of sand, clay and gypsum in the floristic regions of Kyzylorda, Kyzylkum, Torgai and Prearal. It can also be seen on rocky grounds in Karatau Mountains.

This tulip is between 10 and 40 cm high, has four curled leaves with two of them smaller and higher. The single flower is red, orange or yellow (in high concentration locally) with a black heart also visible from outside, and stamens and anthers are yellow or black.

Tulips borszczowii are, like many other species, threatened by annual picking. As such, they are registered in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, so integrally protected. If you see them, do not pick them!


Photo: Gaëlle Bal
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