65 km north of Shymkent, in the middle of a large plain west of Boralday Mountain, is a sacred historical monument that attracts many visitors: the mausoleum of Domalak Ana.

Domalak Ana, whose real name was Nurila, daughter of Shaykhy Mizanbek (Шайхы Мизамбекқызы Нұрилә, 1378-1456), was a good and modest person, famous for her divination skills. Her nickname was related to her physique, “Domalak Ana” meaning “chubby mother” in Kazakh.

Nurila was the third wife of the famous Bi Baïdibek, and the mother of three chiefs of major tribes of the “Senior Zhuz” union (Ұлы жүз).

Before dying, Domalak Ana asked that her body be put on the back of a white camel and be buried where the animal will fall on his knees.

The mausoleum was built in 1456 and restored many times until 1996.
The white and golden monument suggests simplicity and purity. The vaulted ceiling distinguishes by unusual colourful paintings.
In the basement are 4 prayer rooms, which it’s customary to access from the right stairs and exit by the left.

700 m from the mausoleum is a spring known to cure skin diseases. On the site, buckets and cabins are available to make ablutions.


Photo: Gaëlle Bal
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