In spring, 36 species of wild tulips bloom in Kazakhstan. Between March and April, in the South of the country, we can see the rare tulip korolkowii (Tulipa korolkowii Regel).

The tulip korolkowii grows locally on sandy grounds, on foothills or on clay slopes of low hills of the Turkestan floristic area.
The stem of this tulip is between 10 and 20 cm high, with 3 long curly leaves and a small red flower (sometimes yellow or orange) with a black heart and yellow stamens and anthers.

The tulip korolwii is registered on the Red Book of Kazakhstan, so it’s fully protected. So just take a moment to watch it, but don’t pick it!

Information source: Tulips of Kazakhstan. – Almaty: LTD « Almatykitap baspasy », 2010, 272 p., illustrated.

Photo : Gaëlle Bal
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