Badam River rises in the mountains of Sayram Ugam National Park and ends in Arys River 120 km away. Meanwhile, the river runs through the south of Shymkent, the most industrialized part of the city, with a section of 3 km pleasantly arranged.

The banks of Badam River were urbanised in 2013 in the popular district Zabadam. Banks have been concreted and dams have been built to slow down the dangerous waves. Along the river, paths line large grass beds with benches, bushes and young trees, and pedestrian bridges help to cross it easily.

The walk offers a curious contrast between the natural serenity of the place, and the industrial landscapes, the air pollution of this lower part of the city and the trashes carried by the water.
Anyway, this site attracts many visitors having a rest, joggers and even fishermen. There can be observed also several species of aquatic birds that live on river banks and in reed beds.

Photo: Gaëlle Bal
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