At a time when markets are invaded by products “made in China”, in Shymkent there’s an art gallery and gift shop opened by a family of artisans: the cultural platform Altyn Orda.

To go to the art gallery Altyn Orda, you must have been properly informed. The place is not indicated, and there’s only few advertisings about it. However, this place is unique in Shymkent. Created and ran by the family of Bolatbek Beysbekov, the complex includes an exhibition gallery, a conference room, some workrooms and a craft shop.

Seven members of the Beysbekov family, including Bolatbek and his wife Kuliash, are members of the Kazakhstan Craftsmen Union. Individual talents and materials used are manifold. For example Berik, the son, works with wood, leather and silver, and produces among other refined equestrian accessories adorned with silver and stones. So, the production of the family is huge, from felt carpets and clothes to leather or silver jewelry, through tapestries and clay replicas of artefacts found in the ruins of Otyrar.

The gain to the art complex Altyn Orda is to promote the different artistic fields. Therefore, the art gallery hosts a permanent exhibition of paintings and tapestries, and regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. The family also provides training in the craft trades.

Interested in a visit or a training? Just call the Beysbekov family!


Altyn Orda Art Gallery_Contact carte galerie Altyn Orda

Altyn Orda_Bracelets et poteries

Altyn Orda_Médaillons argent

Altyn Orda_Confection tapis en feutre

Altyn Orda_Gilets et tapisPhoto: Gaëlle Bal
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