To celebrate Nauryz on March the 22nd, many events took place in Shymkent. The largest and most famous of them occurred at the racecourse, and several thousand people came to enjoy the attractions.

Craft exhibition, dance shows, concerts, horse racing games, wrestling competitions, food, and eventually mild weather despite forecasts, everything was gathered for a great day.

Dance shows in traditional costumes opened to public, yurts to receive and to feed guests.
Danse Nauryz Yourte réception Nauryz

Catering: “Shashlik” (sticks of meat) barbecue, Plof (ouzbek pilaf rice), Koje (Kazakh milk and grains soup).
Shashliks Nauryz

Plof Nauryz

Koje Nauryz

2016, year of the monkey 2016 année du singe

Horse racing games: Kokpar (to grab a sheep skin and to score a goal with it), Kyz Kuu (a boy must catch a girl to kiss her, then the girl must chase the boy to beat him with her horse wipe).
Hippodrome Shymkent

Kokpar Nauryz_1

Kokpar Nauryz_2

Ky Kuu Nauryz

Ky Kuu Nauryz hippodrome

Parade cavaliers Nauryz

Lutte Nauryz

Music shows: dance in costumes, dombra (two strings guitar) performance, and a concert of Kairat Nurtas, very famous and popular singer native from Shymkent.
Spectacle danse Nauryz

Danseuses nauryz

Dombra Nauryz

Nairat Nurtas Nauryz