While in some countries rain is seen as a disturbing phenomenon, it’s usually welcome in Shymkent.

The region is quite dry, which gives us a nice blue sky very often, but is not really beneficial to the natural environment.
So, after a cold and dry winter (although not too cold this year), spring rains galvanize the nature, already very stimulated by increase in temperatures and daylight. At this time, our nights are regularly rocked by the sound of rain on tin roofs. The dust is crushed, and fresh smells emerge from the ground.

During heavy rains, some streets turn into rivers, which can end their course in homes. Even if an irrigation system exists, it’s sometimes inadequate faced with the significant seasonal rainfall, or it’s just blocked by wastes.

In Shymkent, the rainiest month is April, with an average of 39mm of rain in 10 days.

Graphique précipitations Shymkent_2000-2012

Rivière dans la rue

Nettoyage canalisations

A local resident removes wastes blocking the sewer.

Montée des eaux canal Sayram-Su

Water surges in the Sayram-Su channel.

Arbre en fleur sous la pluie Déchets emportés par l'eau dans la rueToits sous la pluie