Street art in Shymkent – Torekulov Street

Street Art Kazakhstan_Torekulov Street in Shymkent

Street Art_Torekulov_Pandi Panda à Shymkent

Street Art_Torekulov_Dali et ses citrons

Street Art_Torekulov_Juicy brain

Street Art_Torekulov_Illuminatis à Shymkent

Street Art Shymkent_Torekulov_Angel on Earth

Street Art_Torekulov_Alien in Shymkent

Street Art_Torekulov_Ty moi rai

Street Art_Torekulov_Cranes

Street Art Shymkent_Torekulov_Love under the bridge

Street Art_Torekulov_Africain à Shymkent et train

Street Art_Torekulov_Visage d'homme

Street Art_Torekulov_Anti Vandal

Street Art_Torekulov_Bad meets evil

Graffitis on Torekulov Street shown in this article are not visible anymore: walls and sidewalks of this area have been renovated in September 2017.

Photo: Gaëlle Bal

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