Strawberries are back on markets of Shymkent for the second annual season, and for the pleasure of our taste buds!

In Shymkent, it’s usual to find strawberries twice a year on markets: in May-June and in August-September. They are grown in the region, or imported from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
The variety available currently, known as the “Black Prince” is small, dark and deliciously flavoured. It’s the exact opposite of the Dutch variety found in large numbers on stalls during the spring, which is plump but waterlogged and poor in flavour.
Strawberries are usually sold very ripe, so it’s better to bring a box to carry them, then to eat them quickly.

It’s also the season of raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. So don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy these berries and to prepare jam for the winter!

Fraises_Raia au bazar

Рая – Raia

Fraises_Bazar vrac

Framboises_Bazar vrac

Fraises_Préparation maison

Framboises_Préparation maison