Near the village Komeshbulak (Kacymbek Datka), around 20 km north of Shymkent, a series of ponds offers many opportunities of naturalist walks in all seasons.

20 km interlude on the course of Shubarsu River, almost 20 ponds bordered of vegetation follow each other, connected by locks. According to the season, the water level of each pond fluctuates, including sometimes a partial drying.

In spring, this site is an ideal place for the reproduction of a multitude of animals. Birds take advantage of the aquatic vegetation and cavities in the soil banks to hide their nests from predators. Many reptiles are observable also, as giant slow-worms, turtles, amphibians and snakes. This perpetual wetland is also highly appreciated by insects and livestock on pasture.
In autumn, the yellowing reeds adorn the landscapes with their flamboyant highlights.

This site is protected by a decree prohibiting hunting, fishing and of course garbage dumping. However, some wastes are still left behind by some visitors.

During your walks, and considering the animal diversity, take care to protect yourself against ticks and snakes!

Etangs Komeshbulak_Bétail

Etangs Komeshbulak_Grenouille

Etangs Komeshbulak_Grèbe

Lock entrance
Etangs Komeshbulak_Entrée écluse

Lock exit
Etangs Komeshbulak_Sortie écluse

Etangs Komeshbulak_Turtle

Etangs Komeshbulak_Couleurs automne

Etangs Komeshbulak_Roseaux