Memory of a tragic period, the South Kazakhstan museum of victims of political repression is located along Abay Park, on Ryskulbekov Street, in front of the monument with the eternal flame.

This museum was opened in 2001, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan. Its goal is to perpetuate the memory of victims of the many years of political oppression during the first half of the 20th century.

The heart of the main room consists of a perturbing statue which represents captivity, pain and death, surrounded by a picture of Stalin and barbed wires.
Around the monument, some pictures of victims, sometimes with their stories. Hundreds of faces are presented to visitors, from famous people coldly killed, to anonymous citizens sentenced to years of gulag.

Another room, located on the second stair in duplex, is dedicated to commemoration. The names of 2500 persons killed in the South Kazakhstan are engraved on large marble slabs.
The statue of a horse falling on the ground adorns the room, symbolizing the tragedy of the Kazakh people inflicted by the totalitarian regime.

Museum opened from Monday to Saturday, from 9h to 18h. Admission 200/500 tg.
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Musée victimes répression politique sud Kazakhstan

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Musée victimes répression politique_Tragédie kazakhe

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