40 km west of Shymkent, near the village Badam, is a place of major importance in the history of the unification of Kazakh nation: Mount Ordabassy.

The story takes place in autumn 1726. Since 3 years, Mongol warriors Djungars, led by Chinese chiefs, proceed to the invasion of the Kazakh Khanate. Then, three administrators and judges of Kazakh tribes, called “Biys”, have a meeting in the Badam River Valley. They decide to forget their disagreements and to combine their forces to repel invaders, and in this way they led their troops to victory.
Since then, the “meeting of Mount ordabasy” and the three sages Kazybek Bi, Tole Bi and Aiteke Bi became symbols of the Kazakh people unity.

On the top of Mount Ordabasy now stands a 28 m high monument, erected in 2001 to celebrate the 275 years of the famous assembly and the 10 years of Kazakhstan’s independence. This monument is located in a historical and cultural reserve that also includes ancient tumulus, petroglyphs and a museum.

Mont Ordabassy

Ordabassy_Stèle et tumulus

Ordabassy_Stèle et yourte