In Shymkent also, spring rhymes with gardening and planting. The Krytyi Bazar, located Gagarin Street, is the ideal market for lovers of gardens or ornamental plants.

When cultivating a garden is a hobby in some countries, in Shymkent this activity still has its original function: being a source of food, and sometimes of income.
So, with the coming of spring, people speed up to get in supplies of seeds, shoots, shrubs, tools and pots, in short, all what is necessary to success the annual harvest.
Therefore, Krytyi bazar places are loaded with goods designed to satisfy numerous and demanding customers. The varieties available are manifold, domestic or manufacturing. Sellers usually know their merchandise, and share their expertise with pleasure.

The need of the garden doesn’t conceal totally its relaxing benefits. So, rose bushes are still on the top of sales, as well as flower seeds, bulbs and shoots, for a result both functional and delightful.

Entrée bazar Krytyi

Stand de graines vrac_bazar Krytyi

Stand de graines_bazar Krytyi

Fatima, vendeuse bazar KrytyiVrac plantes_bazar Krytyi

Stands fleurs_bazar Krytyi

Stand fleur_bazar Krytyi